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S/F/G Lawyer collections

“Attorney’s letters increase the payment morale”

Together with our partner law firm, BAYH & FINGERLE, we have one clear objective: to exceed your expectations of a secure, reliable and solution-oriented debt collection service. The main advantage to you is the prompt and performance-driven collection of your outstanding receivables.

“We bring together efficient processes with legal experience and the right tone towards your customers. So that your money comes in and your customers stay”. 

Adrian Bayh, Managing Director S/F/G 

Debt recovery lawyers to increase your liquidity

Once debt collection lawyers get involved, your debtors are given a legal reminder of their payment obligations, right from the first letter. And the fact that you have opted for receivables management with us will highlight your company’s professionalism.

This means that we can help support your positive image among your customers.This leads to improved payment behaviour and improved payment recovery results.

And if things move on to adversary proceedings, you are in a better position with a debt recovery law firm than with a traditional debt collection company.

Data protection guaranteed

A further advantage is related to data protection. Even if you are subject to confidentiality obligations, you can still send your data to us with no problem, as we are directly bound by an oath of professional secrecy as lawyers.

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  • No contractual obligation or membership fee
  • If we are successful, you will receive 100% of the main claim
  • Full service – a partner for every requirement
  • You increase your financial solvency
  • Success-oriented, reliable operations

Collection lawyers services

AM - außergerichtliches Mahnverfahren

Extrajudicial letter of formal notice from a lawyer. Telephone debt recovery service by trained professional staff. No win, no fee. Recommended for receivables of less than 100 EUR.

GMV - gerichtliches Mahnverfahren

Pre-trial letter of formal notice from a lawyer, telephone debt recovery service, reminder letters and execution notices, enforcement. If we are unsuccessful, there will only be a very low fixed fee to pay. Recommended for receivables of more than 100 EUR.

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