Problem-solver and mediator for modern receivables management

A service provided has to be paid for. Our entire market economy is based on this fundamental principal. Although nobody would seriously question this, in practice the odd invoice might still go unpaid from time to time. This can be for a number of different reasons. If the creditor wants his or her money, they need to find out whether the debtor can’t pay or won’t pay. And what problems are stopping the debtor from settling up now.

Skilled problem-solver in receivables management

Our highly trained colleagues offer skills, effective processes, a global network in partnership with our partner law firm, which specialises in receivables management. This is how we help you to get justice. And your money.

A tactful mediator between debtor and creditor

Lawyer’s letters, expert knowledge of your rights as claimant and a highly trained specialist team are a good basis to encourage bad debtors to pay up. Because there are often communication issues that we can solve as an independent third party by listening, compromising and dealing with all sides respectfully.

We firmly believe that a sensitive procedure that places emphasis on dialogue greatly improves your chances of getting payment in the longer term. Which also helps you to preserve your relationship with your customer.

A modern partner in receivables management

We use state-of-the-art IT systems, secure communication channels, labour-saving interfaces and professional databases for information searches. This allows us to keep costs down for our customers, work with them more effectively, increase the security of our information exchange and ensure that they can keep an eye on the current status at all times.

We bring your money home: securely, seriously, sympathetically.