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S/F/G Dunning Services

A fully automated dunning service for rapid revenue recognition


You want to reduce your day sales outstanding, increase the success rate of your reminder letters and take pressure off your accountancy team? Then the well-established S/F/G dunning service is exactly right for you.

Dunning has many strategic characteristics, requirements and rules. Additionally, dealing with debtors calls for sharp instincts and consistency. Use S/F/G’s skills and experience to safeguard your liquidity.


Considerable reduction in workload
Considerable reduction in costs
Improved professional image
Payments recived more quickly

Functions of the dunning service

Automated dunning procedure

We will send your invoices and reminders for you.

Automated payment monitoring

We automatically monitor all of your incoming payments.

Simple transition to debt collection

Your receivables can be transitioned to debt collection via a single interface.

Digitisation of your company

Digitised import

Invoices/return debit notes/reminders are simply imported through the interface or via the online portal.

Digitised postal dispatch

No more printing, folding, stamping and delivering of your post.



Automated processes

You save time and keep full control of, and access to, all stages in the process.


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  • You get your payments more quickly
  • No more administrative burden
  • You retain full transparency
  • We connect directly to your DMS/CRM system
  • We send you reminders by email or post

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