Debt collection for clinics and hospitals

Your patients are important to you?

Successful medical debt collection using debt recovery lawyers is characterised by confidential and sensitive dealings with patients and hospitals. Nationally and internationally.

We understand how hard it is for healthcare institutions to deal with outstanding debts. Because our medical debt collection service works with many clinics, doctors’ practices and health centres. We always act sensitively, yet purposefully, in our dealings with any of your patients who may have fallen behind on their payments. It makes a difference whether the patient can’t pay or won’t pay.


Achieving success by acting on our instincts

As a specialist in medical debt collection, we contact your patients/debtors in our capacity as lawyers, which leads to an improved payment behaviour and, therefore, better debt collection results than is usually the case if you use a conventional debt collection service provider. For our medical debt collection work, we are pleased to rely on a partnership of more than 20 years’ standing with our partner law firm, BAYH & FINGERLE.

Your confidentiality – guaranteed

You can rest assured that professional confidentiality is as much a legal requirement for lawyers as it is for doctors. Your data protection obligation ends when you pass on your receivables to our debt recovery lawyers and they take full responsibility for dealing appropriately with your data, thereby ensuring that you remain in full compliance with your legal obligations.

Overseas patients – no problem!

Have you had patients from overseas for treatment who have not paid their bills? Then join a long list of satisfied customers who have benefited from our global expertise and networks to operate an effective and professional receivables management service, even overseas.

What can our medical debt collection law team offer you?


Receive 100% of your main claim

Benefit from the serious impression only a lawyer can make

Ensure your duty of confidentiality through a lawyer’s duty of confidentiality

Enjoy simple communication with our specialist team

Simply submit cases online or using an interface solution

Benefit from legal representation in the event of an MDK investigation of invoices

Confidential communication means that you can rely on us:

  • to treat your data with the greatest of discretion (lawyer’s duty of confidentiality and guaranteed compliance with the data protection rules)
  • to ensure full transparency of our activities, which you can call up at any time using the CIS
  • to deal with your patients in a serious and solution-oriented manner
  • to use the very latest know-how, thanks to the S/F/G Receivables Management Academy
  • as your highly skilled central point of contact for all matters related to receivables management for the medical market

Full flexibility and attractive terms and conditions

We work without annual fees or contractual ties! This means more flexibility for you, as you can decide in each individual case at which point in the dunning procedure you want to get us involved. This means that you can benefit from our legal processing services and attractive terms and conditions. And if we are successful, we guarantee that you get 100% of your main claim!

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