The S/F/G partner law firm

S/F/G sets great store by the experience, professionalism and effectiveness of its partner law firm BAYH & FINGERLE, a specialist in receivables management since 1979 through its BAYH CM business division.

For many years, the firm has been servicing the receivables of S/F/G customers, in Germany and abroad, ensuring highly effective processing, leading to impressive levels of customer satisfaction.

There are many advantages to our customers of having a single partnership across the whole of Germany between S/F/G and its partner law firm, BAYH & FINGERLE. This allows us to combine the advantages of a law firm with the benefits of a modern debt collection service.


Working together as troubleshooters

S/F/G keeps a close eye on the market and the needs of its customers, in order to provide you, the customer, with profitable and strategic solutions. The law firm helps you get your money as quickly as possible.
This allows us to create a symbiosis that is first and foremost to the benefit of our customers, as we are looking forward to being instructed by you.

At the same time, we operate a worldwide network of debt collection companies, bailiffs and lawyers. That’s how we get your money for you. Wherever in the world it may be.


Established networks

Due to our extensive network of partners, we provide all the options that modern, successful receivables management has to offer