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There is virtually no other sector in which receivables are as frequently disputed as in the haulage sector. We firmly believe that you are absolutely entitled to be paid in time and in full for the service you have provided. As this is, most unfortunately, not always the case, we will support you in securing and speeding up your payments. We also make life easier for your staff in dealing with these very specific challenges.

As an established specialist of many years’ standing in legal haulage debt collection, we offer many advantages compared to conventional debt collection operatives or doing it in-house

Virtually no other sector in which receivables are as frequently viel disputed


Make use of our legal expertise to…

  • Enforce your claims for payment from freight, storage or haulage contracts
  • Avoid your transport receivables becoming time-barred
  • Defend yourself against fines frequently seen in transport
  • Support you in transport insurance law

Every country has its own laws, which often makes the difference in whether a debt can be recovered or not. This means it is particularly important to have a local partner in an overseas debt collection situation, with the necessary experience and vital know-how to be ultimately able to enforce your outstanding receivable successfully. This is why, when we are looking for partners to work with, we make a point of working only with partners who can demonstrate that they have the know-how and meet our own quality requirements.

An important point of our quality requirements is seamless communication with our partners. In other countries in particular, communication channels often take more time than they do in Germany. For this reason, we and our partners make every effort to improve and develop these communication channels. Our partners report back to us every month on the status of your claims. This allows us to guarantee the information flow to you and ensures full transparency, even when the debt to be collected is in a different country. As our clients often entrust us with highly specific personal data, it is our duty to comply with the requirements of data protection law. We also expect our foreign partners to comply with the local valid data protection requirements.

For international receivables management, processing often proves more expensive than in Germany. This is usually because there is a different underlying legal system. Recovery is frequently more cost-intensive than at home. Due to our many years’ experience in overseas debt collection and our local network of partners, we are able to let our customers know in advance how much the procedure will cost and make tailored recommendations. This creates the basis for allowing our customers to make economic decisions.

The service we offer you comprises all global debt recovery options. We would be pleased to advise you on pre-trial, judicial and post-litigation measures in individual cases, or make advance decisions that place emphasis on the economic viability of individual cases.

Address enquiries and business information
Global network of partners for local recovery actions
Pre-trial and judicial recovery
24/7 access to all information concerning your cases

How to effectively recover your receivables abroad

Securing overseas claims with contractual provisions

There are two contractual clauses that your contract must never be without. German law must be specified as the applicable law. You should also specify the court of jurisdiction at the place where your company is located.

Keeping your customers’ address and communication information up to date

Major problems can arise if your debtor’s contact details are incorrect or no longer correct. Proper master data management can do much to avoid this in advance. But if it still turns out that your debtor has moved on and cannot be found, a lot depends on how the courts, company registers and databases are organised in that country.

Instructing an international debt collection company

In the event of a bad debt, it is important to have a partner that has the optimum debt collection processes in that country at its fingertips. You should know exactly what the current processing status of your receivable is and have an active exchange of information.

Keeping an eye on debt collection costs overseas

Recovery costs overseas can mount up very quickly. Legal or court costs abroad can be much higher than they are in Germany. The cost-effectiveness ratio has to make sense, which is why you need a partner who can make clear to you in advance the costs you’re likely to incur and your chances of success.



Global debt collection network

Co-founder of the bailiff network CONNEXX

Along with bailiffs from four other European countries, we founded the network CONNEXX in 2009. We now have nearly 20 partners from across Europe.

Global network of debt collection companies

In order to offer our customers global debt collection services, we have been working with a leading network of debt collection companies for more than 10 years.

Direct partners for special-focus countries

In countries with a particular focus through our customers, we have built close, long-term business relations with partners from all over the world.

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  • You will pay only a small commission on the amount recovered if we are successful
  • Access our local partners in more than 200 countries
  • Simply submit your cases online or through an interface

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